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HKS Supension Error Canceler (SEC)Toyota Supra GR 2020+

HKS Supension Error Canceler (SEC)Toyota Supra GR 2020+

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This Supension Error Canceler (SEC) stops suspension system problem error code from being displayed when using aftermarket dampeners/coilover suspensions.


  • GR supra (RZ(DB42)/SZ-R(DB22) stock shock absorber electronically controlled.
  • The vehicle detects an error when the electronically controlled stock shock absorber is removed and displays an error message in the meter panel and control display (the graphic below)
  • Supension Error Canceler (SEC) is able to work even after upgrading the shock absorber. Use this kit in combination when replacing coilovers.
  • JAN Code: 4957266550090


  • Toyota Supra 2020+
    Model: DB42/DB222
    Engine: B58B/B48B


  • This SEC is exclusive to Toyota Supra GR.
  • Do not remove the stock backing plate (Brake rotor heat shielding plate) for heat damage.
  • Take measures against heat damage if necessary when situation the brake rotor becomes high temperature such as racing track driving.
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